Wednesday, March 18, 2015


 Ladies, do you ever feel like God has created as many types of people as the number of animals on a Safari. Yes, this is so true. People as different as the animals while on a Safari you view.  I guess you could say that our God loves variety. Black or white, fat or skinny, loud or quiet, God made us all. Moreover God loves us all. God loves us all best. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator, our God who called us for a purpose. The purpose is to use our gifts and talent to glorify Him. Yes, God loves you so much that he made you for a purpose that no one else can do, but you.   God made each of us unique. 

Why did God make you?  In order to discover why God made you,you must get to know God for yourself. Once you know why God created you then go forth and bear fruit. Do the work that He has assigned to you. Full fill your purpose by seeking His face and walking in His grace. Listen to His still small voice and be lead by the power of His Holy Spirit. However, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself, fearfully and wonderfully made, because frankly everyone else is already taken. Treasure the unique, wonderful human being God made you to be. Treasure also those other  people you meet along your journey. All have a work to do. Learn from each other. Bear with each other patiently. Love one another. As my prayer partner Judy says, "If we are both alike, one of  are not necessary." The French say it best, "Viva la the difference!'"

Here is a poem I wrote to celebrate our uniqueness. Read On!!


 Life is like a safari; don’t you think so too?
 A journey to experience custom made for you.
A trained guide is needed to lead the way.
A guide who diligently directs where to go and what to say.
Watch out for the snake creeping or the gator in the waterbed.
Don’t worry guides eyes are trained to avoid the danger ahead.
Don’t be surprised if a lion greets you with his scary “ROAR!”
I assure you, a safari it is never a bore.
You may spot a leopard or hopping kangaroo
Or even hear a hungry hippy growling at you.
Along with your guide nature in all its’ beauty you see.
The guide points out a rainbow or a bird perched in a tree.
It is easy to spot the zebra with stripes boldly displayed,
 Careful the Rhino’s coming at you, the guide shouts, “Get out of the way!”
An elephant is way too big to find a hiding place.
The graceful giraffe seems to be running a race.
While on a safari each animal becomes a priceless view.
Pause as your guide carefully points each one out to you.

It is wise to choose a guide as you safari on in life too.
To help you avoid the pitfalls and point out the beautiful view.
Remember how varied the animals encountered on a safari day
It is the same with the people that you meet along life’s way.
The roaring lions shout desiring to be heard.
Stop a moment and you will hear their every word.
With eyes wisely focused and ears attuned to the guide;
It becomes evident the beauty of each person on the inside.
Just like a present wrapped tightly with a pretty bow,
Take the time to both open up and listen; then each person get to know
If you meet a zebra or rhino greet with a, “How do you do!”
Don’t say to them, “Why can’t you just be a kangaroo?”
Ditching the lions because their roar is too loud,
Or the zebra whose stripes are way too bold,
Is really not Okay ……..
Because you may need their gifts someday?
You may still want to avoid the snakes along the way,
But smile kindly first then bid them; “Good day!”
Each person is created for a purpose to do,
That is why they are they, and you are you.
Be yourself; as gentle and as free as a bird
Or be loud and bold, as a lion begging to be heard,
Be as grace full as a gazelle, for heaven sake,
Or be as gruely as a gator in the lake.
If we are patient, kind, understanding as we can be,
We can all live together in harmony.
On life’s safari tread really, really slow,
There are a lot of people to get to know.
Life is like a safari; it is true.
It a Journey to experience custom made for you.

So Safari on, my friend and do not miss the view
On a safari day there is always something good in store for you.


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