Wednesday, June 24, 2015

20--20 VISION

 Helen Keller has always been one of my hero’s. Her life is a testimony about overcoming obstacles in your life, doing what you can with what you got and, "Being the best you can be!" Despite being born blind, her sight was better than most people.  Helen Keller and I share a common bond.  I too am legally blind with 20 -200 vision. I was the only five year old that I knew of who wore blue glasses to their first day of  school. This was way before glasses of any style or color. were a fashion statement. Years later, those coke bottle glasses were replaced with contact lenses.  Proudly, I became undercover blind; only my optometrist knew my secret defect.  Thankfully I could see clearly, with a little correction.

Marriage is a lot like a good eye exam.  A spouse sees you for what you are,; defects and all. Marriage has a way of taking masks off and revealing the real you, sometimes with no makeup on, sporting bad breath, or on a not so good hair day. Spouses see you when you have one nerve left and everyone is getting on it. They are on the scene when you are over committed and under patient.  They are invited to the pity party when you are out of sorts and decide to tell all. Sometimes they are the bull’s eye that you are aiming your words at; unfortunately those words hit the target of their heart.  Life has no delete button, and there is no rewind or the ability to white out a bad day. What they see is what they get.  Spouses see the parts of our personalities that we are blind to. They are looking at us with 20-20 vision daily; even on the days we do not want to repeat.

 A listening ear to correction can help us hear ourselves clearly with the aid of their 20-20 hearing. Their 20- 20 vision is looking at what is actually going on not just our view, with our rose colored glasses.  If their correction is given with a dose of understanding, and the assurance of their love, it will breed the courage to try and improve.  Everyone makes mistakes, and life is too short to sweat the small stuff.  Helen Keller needed a little help from her teacher Anne Sullivan.  Helen listened attentively, learned quickly and it made a difference.

 Live your marriage well, point out the blind spots to each other in love.  Be the good example to teach the next generation, that a good marriage is one where you bear with one another patiently, and forgive each other from the heart.  Finally, remember to put on your rose colored glasses when looking at your spouse; enjoy the view!

Sunday, June 21, 2015










Read the letter below that I sent out.

 Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

My name is Ellen Mongan and I am a Catholic Christian Writer and Speaker. I reside in Martinez, Georgia with Deacon Pat Mongan M.D. who is assigned to St. Mary’s Help of Christian Church. We have 8 adult children and 12 grandchildren. Since I am a networker in the Body of Christ, many of you know me.

Why are you are receiving this letter from me? Why did I send an invitation from WBPI TV? You have received an invitation to the August March for Jesus because you are a priest, a deacon or a person in ministry in our Catholic faith. This march is a time to stand together as Christians of all denominations. This letter is written to answer any questions and explain why you should be a part of this event.  I encourage you to invite others to do the same. Here is how; those associated with a radio or television station or a blog, please advertise the march. Clergy please invite the people of your parish.

Pope Francis lives out the scripture, “Love one another; for love is from God. God is love.”  Pope Francis’ good example, speaks volumes to the people of this world who do not know Christ. His demonstrates through both his actions and his words how to live in unity among the Christian brethren of other denominations.

When the Incident in Baltimore took place, I was saddened. When the pastors linked arms walking in unity down the streets of that city together, hope rose in my soul. When some Christian brethren were ambushed while at church in Charleston, South Carolina; I wept.  I believe Jesus wept too. This trial could harden any heart without God’s grace. A bird’s eye view of the aftermath of that tragic event was described by Father Kirby, a priest who lives in Charleston. He chose to walk to the church the Sunday following the shooting. What did He witness?  “Instead of choosing to lash out in revenge, the people of Charleston responded in peace. “  Father Kirby said, “The pastor called a twenty four hour prayer vigil. When Father Kirby arrived at the church there were still people praying. “ Father Kirby’s homily touched lives. The people of Charleston chose to put action to the words of Jesus. The battle is always done on our knees with fervent prayer. This church has sadly lost lives but they did not lose hope.

 In the book of Nehemiah God calls His people to rebuild the wall. They worked shoulder to shoulder together.  It was a big job! Each person found a place on the wall working with all their might to build their portion. It took their time, talent, and treasure. The wall was built to last. The joy of the Lord was their strength. Now we Christians are being called to spiritually build the walls of unity. Christians from all denominations are being invited to make a stand. Help us build the wall of unity, by marching shoulder to shoulder along with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s march together for Jesus our Savior and our Lord. United we stand. Divided we fall; let’s all stand for Jesus. To God Be the Glory.


P.S. Dorothy Spaulding, the owner if WBPI T.V. is gracious enough to invite believers of all faith as guests on her show. I have been a frequent guest on WBPI, on the Titus II Crew; about Catholic Woman in Ministry. Our next show is on infertility, adoption and the death of a child, on June 29, 2015 at ten A.M. until noon. Please come join us as part of the audience.

Friday, June 19, 2015



In 2006 my father-in-law, William F. Mongan, who was affectionately called Bill, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  Despite his age, the family was devastated.  It came on the coat-tails of Bill losing his beloved wife, Fran, who he adored.  During her battle with ovarian cancer, Bill willingly took on the role of ministering angel to care for her.  He loved her so.  After nine short months Fran had lost her battle.  With a tear in their eyes, they said their good-byes.  Theirs was a love story.  The good-bye would not be for long.
We were later to learn that the entire time Bill was caring for Fran, he too had cancer. This time I would step in Bill’s shoes and become his ministering angel.  The shoes were way too big to fill!  Not being medical, I knew right away I was out of my league. Thankfully my husband, a physician, was able to give Bill the best care available.  My role was to serve Bill with a joyful heart and a positive attitude.  I soon recruited our son, Joshua, to help; I needed him!
One day I had an idea to brighten Bill’s last days and let him know how much his life meant to us, and all who knew him.  I asked our daughter Amanda to compose a letter that we sent to all of Bill’s relatives and friends. Here is a portion of the letter:
Sometimes a simple word of encouragement or short note describing a fond memory can make a person’s day.  So, we are compiling a “Memory Book” that we hope to fill with letters from family and friends.  These could be letters of appreciation, favorite memories, funny stories, or encouraging words.  You can include anything you feel led to tell him.  Just as the quote says, we always carry those we love in our hearts.  I know that my grandfather carries all of you with him, and he loves you all dearly.  I think it would be so meaningful for him to hear why you carry him in your hearts.  These letters would mean so much, and they will certainly bring love and happiness to him during these trying times.
Every day Bill would race me to the mail box to see if any letters arrived.  I knew I could beat him, since he was using his walker, but I always let him win. This little act of kindness grew a garden of joy in his heart.  It gave him something to look forward to. One letter in particular stands out.  We were all gathered around the dinner table as a family enjoying a home cooked meal. Bill said with a grin which stretched from ear to ear, “I got a letter today!” My husband remarked, “Oh yeah, dad, from who?”  Bill answered, “Tyler.”  Tyler is our oldest son of eight children and Bill’s first grandchild.  Pat said, “Where is the letter?”  “Under my pillow,” Bill replied. Can you just visualize this moment.  This moment is etched in memory for all time.  It taught me the importance of being remembered through the written word. The letter was so meaningful that he kept Tyler’s note close at hand; under his pillow. I put all these letters Bill received in a book. I brought out Bill’s Memory Book for him to read; sometimes daily. The memories brought tear to his eyes and healing to his soul.
As Bill’s health began to fail he would say in a weak voice, “Ellen, get my book and let’s read it together.”  I would always try to drop everything and spend the time caring and giving to my father-in-law. One day I was having my prayer time when Bill called from the other room, “Ellen!” I closed my bible and ran over to him with all the self-control that I could muster up.  “What do you need Bill?” I said in my best cheerleader voice.  His answer I will treasure forever. “Ellen, I don’t need anything. I just want to be with you.” He added,” Can we read my Memory Book again?”  I nodded as He gave me a fatherly embrace. I hugged him back.   It was on that day that I received my father-in-law’s blessing and he became my dad too.  Those words healed a hurt in my heart that I had never voiced.  I knew he understood how much I treasured being a part of the Mongan family.  Then Bill and I sat down together on the couch and read his “Memory Book” together.  His heart soared as he read the words of love written to him from those who care.  As we turned the last page of Bill’s book he said, “Let’s read it again, Ellen.” This was the last time Bill and I enjoyed this moment together.
When Bill died we placed the, “Memory Book” in a memory box for Bill, which the grandchildren adorned with colorful artwork. On special occasions we take out the “Memory Book” and look at it together as a family.  We remember Bill and we rejoice in a life well lived. We treasure the memories of times spent together with our dad, Bill.  I am grateful that we were the ones to have the privilege to give Bill the care he needed during his battle with lung cancer.  In return we received so much more than we gave.  It is the memories you gain along the way that keep your loved ones close at heart, even after you have said your final “good byes.”

Bill is dancing on the streets of gold, in his heavenly home, this day with his beloved wife Fran.  He still adores her.  Happy Father’s Day Bill.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Words, count! Never underestimate how much words can affect your life.  They can set you in motion to fly towards your dreams, or hold you bound, never leaving the ground.  A sentence can set you in a new direction, or become your theme song for life.  Other words can crush your dreams and paralyze you from beginning anew.  How have words affected you?  Stop a moment and think about what words have formed your character and guided your path.  I began to make a list of the one-liners, which changed my life.  Some sentences, which were said just in passing, have become my companion for life!

Here is a one-liner story for you. It was my nephew’s graduation day and the ceremony was coming to an end. The vice-principle approached the microphone to address the audience, with a few words from her heart to pass on the graduates. She said,

“If there was a glass half filled with water, an optimist would see it as half full and a pessimist would see it as half empty, but a giver would see the glass, and look around to see who is thirsty.”

What a closing lesson and statement rolled into one. Who is thirsty? Those three little words ask a big question. The world is a very thirsty place. Many people need the refreshment brought by a kind deed, a wise word or even a shoulder to cry on.  They need to learn a new skill, or hear you share your story. Every life counts and every person is given something to teach the world. When you look around your corner of the world do you view it with pessimistic, optimistic or giving eyes?  Today pour yourself a glass of water and fill it to the brim. Then put on the glasses of compassion, go out into your world and see who is thirsty?  Who knows you may want to pour a second glass!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Little Pink Dress Ministry: DRESS YOUR PERSONALITY

Little Pink Dress Ministry: DRESS YOUR PERSONALITY: Reader, “You’ve got personality!” Never is your personality more evident than in the clothes you wear.  For instance if you are a sporty ga...


Reader, “You’ve got personality!” Never is your personality more evident than in the clothes you wear.  For instance if you are a sporty gal, you would rarely be seen wearing pearls at the neighborhood picnic. Yet if you are a classy lady, you probably would never venture out unless you had your heels on.  To me there is no right or wrong in fashion as long as it is modest and fits the occasion. Each of you is unique and has acquired your own style which you feel most comfortable in. As a people watcher with a fashion conscious eye, I have narrowed down women’s dressing style into five types.  Read the list, and then decide what fashion type describes you best.  Then after you have selected your style; go thru your closet and do some spring cleaning of your wardrobe.  Throw out what does not fit your body, your life style, or your new fashion taste. Then I have a suggestion for you, it is time to go on a shopping spree! Don’t forget to bring the girlfriend who has the most fashion sense.  Who is the least likely to just flatter; but rather speaks the truth in love. When you say how does this look on me? She answers truthfully. What are you waiting for Georgia – Carolina gals?  It’s time to find your spring wardrobe.

     Who are you?

Classy Lady
Sporty Gal
Mod Chick
Girly Girl
Beach Babe

 The Classy Lady prefers to buy clothes that are a little pricier, but rarely go out of style?  No matter what the occasion classy ladies are always in vogue.  She confidently put on last year’s little black dress and wears it with pride, knowing she made a wise purchase.  She always chooses basic colors and styles for that reason.  She knows how to accessorize in order to dress up, dress down, or just add color.  The Classy lady never minds the dry cleaning bill because she knows that quality items deserve quality care.  She never lets the words, “This old thing.” pass thru her lips when she receives a compliment about her outfit!  The Classy Lady knows the secret that, “Less is more,” in the area of her wardrobe and speech.

Sporty Gals are sharp, colorful and full of energy.  When making a clothing selection, quick and easy is her motto because she is always on the go.  She puts her wardrobe money into wash and wear, mostly active wear.  A dry clean only item is not found in her closet, and she doesn’t have an iron in her laundry room.  If you meet her in the mall or at a luncheon, she will be casually dressed in her tennis skirt and brand new athletic shoes.  The shoes are a name brand that you recognize, because shoes are the item where she will pay the price. To sporty gals, comfort outweighs style.  A chosen life of comfort is why sporty gals always sport a smile.


The Mod Squad has come on the scene and all heads are turning toward them.  These are the Chicks that make a fashion statement everywhere they go.  She is never afraid to be on the cutting edge of what is new; whether it is the cutting edge hairdo or a fashion fad.  She keeps the fashion industry alive, always looking for what is in vogue.  She wants to be the first kid on the block to purchase it.  She buys clothes often, but wear them a less amount of time.  She is always changing her wardrobe, but she never counts the cost.  Mod Chicks are wise enough to hang on to some outdated fashion items knowing that in the fashion industry, what goes around, comes around again in the Merry-Go-Round of Fashion. They coined the phrase retro; rewound it, redesigned it, and then renamed it “MOD” again!  This paragraph is for Mod Chicks only!

Girly Girls are decked out in lace dresses or fancy pants, and are never without high heels.  She is never heard complaining her feet hurt because that would not be lady like.  She is a prissy girls and proud of it. Her fashion choice has one criterion, “Do she feel like women when she wears it?  She likes dates that are paid for by her man.  She waits for doors to be opened   as she exits the car, or enters the building.  Her gentleness and poise exude to all they are in the presence of a lady. Her makeup is applied tastefully with perfection, every one of her hairs are in place, framing her pretty, feminine faces.  Her jewelry selection accents her outfit and of course, the purses match the shoes.  Girly girls select only those clothes that look best on them.  Her smile says, “I am a Women, so Color Me Beautiful,” and when she arrive on the scene, all agree!

The Beach Babe is easier to spot than any of the other four styles because she looks like she is always dressed for the beach, and never without her flip flops.  She has more bathing suits than shoes.  She always carries her beach bag in her car; just in case the waves are calling her to come, walk by their side.  Her closet is full of sundresses, sunglasses, sunhats and sandals.  She lives on vacation, where she has learned to enjoy the moment,   as well as the view.  If by chance an invitation finds its way to her mailbox that reads: Dress is Formal Attire, she usually declines the invite.  The Beach Babes’ make-up is scarce, her hairdo wash and wear, and her wardrobe low on her priority list.  She is definitely a low maintenance wife living a low maintenance life.  As long as the Beach Babe can catch a wave each day and a little bit of sun, she is good to go.

 Now maybe you have read this entire article and are still asking yourself the question, “Who am I? I do not know what to do?”  Whatever you do, do not shout out the words, “Fashion Emergency!” 
Because I have a surprise for you, I have saved the best category until last, the DIVA DAME.

There is nothing like a Diva Dame.  If you are a Diva Dame, be glad because you probably are all these styles rolled into one.  Anything goes.  You are the woman who feels at home in any style, depending on your mood.  One day you may choose to be a girly girl in a lace sundress and accessorizing with your new set of pearls and silver high heels. Then the next day you throw on your gym clothes and put your hair in a ponytail and off to the gym you jog.  As a Diva Dame you wear what you like and never ask others advice.  You are confident to be you.  You have learned to dress your personality.

Ladies, “You’ve got Personality!” Let it shine for all to see. “Be yourself; be the “Best you can be!”   Everyone else is taken. Then walk with confidence, knowing that you are a unique and wonderful woman who sports her own style.  Don’t forget to wear the smile that says to the world, “I am ready to face, whatever life happens today.  The way I think, “No matter what my day holds, at least I look cute!” Dress your personality; and always accessorize with virtue.