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Every faith walk takes you on a journey; a journey where you are asked to take Jesus’s nail scarred hand and trust Him to lead you.  Jesus leads you to the very heart of our loving Heavenly Father.
I was born and baptized into the Catholic faith.  As a cradle Catholic my faith was nourished thru a praying grandma’s good example and the instruction of the nuns in Catholic School.  I can still remember the nuns saying, “Who made you?  God made you. Why did God make you? God made you to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him and to be happy with Him one day in heaven.” I grew to know and love my Catholic Faith.  I longed to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  What a glorious day it was, when I, dressed all in white as a bride, walked to the altar singing, “Jesus, Jesus, come to me.”  God knew it was truly my heart’s desire, and He answered that prayer.  As I received Jesus “Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity” for the first time, the truth of our faith was written on my soul.  Jesus revealed Himself to me.  I gave my life to Him and He began to lead me.  I went to daily mass, frequented the sacrament of reconciliation, sang to Jesus, and prayed about everything.   
 High School found me in a public school where it was not in vogue to be smart, nor acceptable to be a committed Catholic.  In order to be popular, I went undercover, but my faith suffered greatly.   We went to Mass on Sunday as a family, and I continued to pray before I went to bed.  However, I had no support from other Catholics, no opportunity for daily Eucharist and I did not grow in the Faith.  The day I graduated from high school, my family moved back to the South.  I tried a college in Georgia and one in Florida, and both were a culture shock; drugs, drinking and sex were rampant, and I was appalled.  I knew it would be impossible for me to grow close to Jesus in this environment.   I moved to Florida, to fulfill my dream to be a stewardess with a friend.  We were soon flying the friendly skies as Flight Attendants for Air Florida.  Again my faith suffered, Jesus was no longer first in my life. The unfortunate part, I was not even aware of it!
At age nineteen I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams, Patrick, who was studying to be a physician at University of Miami.  He happened to be Peggy’s cousin.  During this season of my life, God tried to get my attention thru a dream.  In the dream I was stirring some cookie dough in a bowl.  As I gazed into the bowl, Jesus appeared, saying, “I am the way and the truth and the life. The only way to the Father is thru me.”   Since this was not an ordinary experience for me, I sought advice, but did not get clear direction, so I dismissed it.  Pat and I married, on May 1, 1974.  After a one month honeymoon, and graduation, we moved to Gainesville, Florida for Pat’s residency. 
We were soon blessed with a little boy, a little girl and moved to suburbia.  In a worldly sense, we had made it.  I was so happy that I went back to Church.  In four year lapse of practicing my faith, the Charismatic renewal had evolved.  I went to a prayer meeting where a gal read the same scripture from my dream.  I knew I was home.  It was on that day that I gave my heart back to Jesus.  I promised Him that I did not care who knew I was a Catholic, I would live for Him.  When Pat decided to go into practice, “I prayed we would go to where Pat, then a pagan, would find Jesus.”  After a year in Vernal, Utah Pat gave his heart to Jesus too.   Together we made the decision to move back to the South to be close to family and to join Alleluia, a Charismatic Community in Augusta, Georgia.  God blessed us with many children, friendships, teachings and great graces.  God trained us up, nourished us, and established us.  In Alleluia people were trying to live radically for Jesus. Then God called Pat to become a Deacon.  We both embraced fulltime ministry and agreed to pour our lives into building the Church.
I believe God has called me to pass the faith down to the next generation and to help young mothers find the joy in their vocation as wife and mother.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to speak about Jesus on TV, radio, mom’s clubs, churches and thru the books and bible studies I have written.   

You never know where God will lead you.  I have journeyed to mountaintops of great joy, into valleys of tears and sadness, and thru deserts of loneliness, waiting until God parts the Red Sea.  I have learned that it in the crucible of suffering you get to know God for yourself.  He alone will teach you how to walk on the water, if you keep your eyes on Him. When you begin to sink, he will send a lifeboat in the form of other committed followers.  No one can walk the journey alone.  I wake up every morning to pray and seek the face of Jesus, and to take a strong hold of his nail scarred hand.  I listen for His still small voice; then try to do what He tells me.  I still sing to Jesus, pray about everything, try to assist at daily Mass go to confession often; as that is where His grace is found.  I know I need Him.  In God alone, I place my trust.  I want Him to be my everything!


Featured Speaker and Topic:    Ellen Mongan                                                                                  Speaking on Loving your Husband 1 Corinthians 13 style
Ellen is a Catholic Christian writer and speaker who is married to Deacon Patrick MD., has 7 children and 11 grandchildren. She is on the board and blogs for Elizabeth Ministry International,  She is a presenter for the catholic conference 4 for moms; please sign up online,  Please check out my blog and website and

When: February 19, 2015 at 11:00 A.M., speaker will begin at 11:30 A.M.
Where: Honey from the Rock Café, 2621 Washington Road, Augusta, Ga 30901
Mission Statement: The mission of “Sisters in Christ” is to provide an opportunity for fellowship for all women who believe in our savior Jesus Christ.  Come and bring a friend, all are welcome!

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I don’t know if the movie, “The Bucket List,” intended to change lives, but I can tell you it sure changed mine! Was it because the two main actors, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, discover that “misery loves company” is true, and it helps to have someone walking by your side when a life threatening illness catches you by surprise? You cling to your life as strongly as you cling to your new found friend. Not just any friend will do at this tender time, but rather a friend who knows what it is like to “walk a mile in your new shoes!” Something inside urges you to trust them. Somehow sharing a hospital room together gets the message across. They do not have to say, “I know how you feel,” because they have the blisters on their feet to prove they have done the journey. They wear a genuine smile that says, “They gratefully arrived at the other side of that mountain.”  They are able to share the life lessons learned. Some lessons can only be taught in the crucible of suffering, sometimes changing lives forever.

I, like many viewers of “The Bucket List” decided to write my own bucket list of things I would like to do before I die. A church wedding was at the top of the list. I married Patrick Mongan on May 1, 1974 at sunset by the ocean in Key Biscayne, Florida. I’ll never forget the two words that the Justice of the Peace said whenever our paths crossed, “It took!”  Even though this family friend’s words were few, they spoke volumes. In this day and age when marriages don’t last, ours took! Pat and I actually married each other twice that spring. After a month long honeymoon in the West, we had our marriage blessed by a Catholic priest. You would think a wedding and a marriage blessing to the same man would be enough; however I wanted to have our marriage blessed in a church

This heart’s desire became a dream come true during our thirty fourth year of marriage. What was once a passing thought, grew into a reality and a memory that would last a lifetime. With help from our four daughters and my “triple A” personality, things got done in record time. Before we knew it, the bride dress was purchased, the date chosen, the flowers selected, the cake ordered, the photographer booked, and the reception hall selected. All we needed to do is get me to the church on time.

December 28, 2008 arrived before we could even take a breather from the Christmas celebration. Our seven children, three sons in laws, along with our seven grandchildren arrived. They flew in from all parts of the country to share in the occasion. Even though it was a “Renewal of Vows,” not a wedding, I still felt like a bride. The guests commented that I also looked like a bride. Probably the veil I wore gave that impression! It definitely was not the red shoes that I just had to have. Love filled the church as this middle-aged bride walked down the aisle to marry “The Man of her Dreams,” once again. I had already shared his bed, birthed his eight children, rejoiced in his joys, wept through his sorrows, and was his doting wife for thirty-four years. As we read our vows surrounded by family and friends, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the Church.

 As we exchanged our romantic kiss, I felt like that nineteen-year-old gal again who had just met, “the one!”  My heart did a “quantum leap,” as in a flashback, and I was back at our first meeting.  I, an Air Florida stewardess from the Midwest, met my roommate’s cousin, a twenty five year old, third year med student at the University of Miami. This distinguished older man, Patrick, smote me. Then one spring day, he knocked on the door of our apartment. I opened the door and before Patrick could even say a word, I blurted out, “Peggy is not here.” Smiling with a mysterious grin he answered, “I came to see you.” Those words were few in number but big in winning my heart forever. Maybe it was that grin that still takes my breath away. It says to me to this day, “I love you!”  We were a couple from that day forward. Even though we only dated half a year, he proposed to me that October. I guess you could say, “He had me at hello.” I never wanted him to say, “Goodbye.”

In the time it takes to say, “I do,” I was back in reality. Our vows were said but this time affirmed with the maturity of knowing what a lifelong commitment really means. We had lived them. Our kiss was passionate and familiar and came with a security we had developed over the years. Kisses were an outward sign of our intimate oneness. They always say, “I love you best, no matter what,” without exchanging any words. I was grateful I had chosen Patrick for my “Happily ever after.” Taking his arm, and walking down the aisle to exit the church, I knew that he would always be at my side.

Our love which began with a knock at the door of my heart had stood the test of time. We have lived our marriage vows. It has been a journey of good times as well as bad, walking together thru sickness, and in health. Renewing our vows daily for richer or for poorer, and committing to stay together, until death do we part. We have walked hand in hand whether we were climbing a mountainous trial, or sitting in the sunshine of blessings. It has been the adventure of a lifetime. I think that our vows say it best:

Dear Patrick,

You are the man with whom I have shared my bed, my joys, my sorrows, and my dreams.
Yes and even shared my money with for the past thirty-four years.
You are the man whose parents I welcomed into my life and loved through the years.
Then together we sadly said goodbye to.
You are the man who embraced my parents as your own.
Then you walked by my side, supporting me lovingly, as we said a final goodbye, to my dad.
You are the man, with whom I have borne eight children with.
We have poured our whole heart into training, loving and supporting them.
You are the man that I walked with through the valley of grief, as we gave our youngest son Zachary, back to God.
Yet not a moment too soon for us to love him with all our hearts
You are the man that I have built family, made treasured friends, and laid down our life with.
On May 1, 1974 we stood before God, family and friends, at sunset by the ocean, and I gave you my heart forever.
I meant it.
I did not think I could grow more in love with you, but I was wrong.
I did grow more in love with you.
I continue to grow more in love with you every day.
I love the way you grin at me with that twinkle in your eye.
It tells me that you love me alone.
I love the way we have grown from lovers, into best friends and lovers.
I love the way you are always there, no matter what.
I love the way you have chosen to serve God alone, with all you heart.
Yes, Pat the pagan, has become, Pat the preacher.

Our love has matured.
It has stood the test of time.
So once again, I take your hand and renew our vows, pledging to love you forever.
 I mean it!
I don’t think that I could love you more, but this time, I know that I am wrong.
I know I will!
As we walk through our life together hand in hand, I know that I will grow more in love each day.
Out of all the men God could have chosen to be my husband, I am glad He chose you for me.
It was a perfect match.
You will always be my husband, my lover, my best friend, and my Knight in Shining Armor.
I will love you always and forever.

            Your forever bride,

Almost 34 years ago we made our marriage vows.  Like every young couple we had no idea what that really meant for us. Sure we had examples around us, both good and bad, but that was their marriage, and this is ours. I want to reflect upon the traditional vows as they apply to us.
First, I believe I married you freely and without reservation. It is interesting to me, and I believe a grace from God, that I have always believed that marriage is “forever”.

You and I are complimentary in the ways we love and honor each other. You are the romantic and bring spice into our life. I am “practical Pat” who tries to serve you and provide for your financial needs (and wants). God knows that I have not always loved as you deserve and God wants me to.  So, with God’s grace and your prayers, I pledge to work harder in loving you as God would have me love you. Although my love is far from perfect, I have loved no other woman as much as I love you, even my mother.

We have stayed together for better or for worse and I hope you agree mostly for the better. We have stayed together through those times when we were poor in Spirit. Even in those times when we were both poor in Spirit and could not really support each other, God carried us through.
I thank God that neither of us have had a really serious physical illness, but I pledge to work harder at loving you and caring for you when you are sick. I pray that we can both be as gracious and loving as my parents were during their final days on this earth.

You have been amazing in embracing motherhood and I thank you for each of the children you have blessed us with. Thank you for pushing me to be open to more, and more, and more children.  You are truly the Heart of our Home. As our family has grown, you have embraced your son-in-laws as if they were your own sons. You are the creative spirit of God in Our home, always looking for ways to bless me, the children, family, and many others, including many here in the Church today.

I pray that we will both continue to grow in our love for the Lord and each other so that we can brings God’s love to family, and all those we meet. 

I pray that in the coming years that we will grow together in our service of the Lord and the building of his Kingdom. Finally, I pray that when the time comes to go to the Lord we will be at peace, and filled to overflowing with Faith, Hope and Love, but most of all Love.            

 I love you Ellen.

There has been a bucket full of grace on our marriage from the day we said, “I Do!”  I would love to proclaim that our marriage has been smooth sailing all along as we danced under the moonlight with wine, roses and a song, along with kisses that never ended. However it would not be true. The decision we made on the wedding day to love each other no matter what, has guided us through valleys of despair and to mountaintops of great joy. No matter what; we face life together. Patrick will always take my breath away! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


 “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all!” The truth is that somewhere between birth and middle age, I became my mother. If someone had said, when in my teens, “You’re just like your mother,” I would have debated them and won.  Now, I just smile. Maybe you have become your mother too!
“You cannot have too many shoes or too many friends.”  Even though I love both shoes and friends, I do not put equal value on both. Shoes come and go, but true friends are a treasure that you can enjoy for a lifetime. So what do shoes and friends have to do with Mother’s Day?
Do you remember when you were a little girl, playing dress-up in your mommy’s closet?  You found her favorite pair of high heels, and you just had to try them on. In your mind you thought they fit just fine. You felt so grown up, as you wobbled around your mom’s room. You felt like a lady.  As you glanced down at the heel, you realized you had a ways to grow to fit into your mommy’s shoes. You feared that maybe they would never fit. Years have passed and maybe your mom passed that pair of high heels down to you. As you put them on, they fit just fine. You feel like a lady every time you put them on. As you walk around your room, you smile remembering being that little girl in her mommy’s high heels. You are so glad when your toddler daughter picks the same pair of heels to wear, when she goes in your closet and wants to play dress up.  She too thinks they fit just fine!  As she wobbles around your room, she feels all grown up, just like a lady.  As she looks down at the heel she also realizes they are a might too big. She gazes into your eyes and asks, “Mommy will these pretty shoes ever fit me?” You smile and answer, “You have a ways to go darling, but one day those shoes are going to fit just fine.”  You know these words are true because that is what your mom told you. Moms have a way of instilling high hopes in their daughter’s hearts. You add with a smile, “One day those high heel shoes are going to be yours.” She smiles.
 As you walk down the road of motherhood and maturity, you pass on to your daughter more than a pretty pair of shoes. You pass down your beliefs, fashion tips, recipes, character traits, wisdom and most importantly, your love. It is a motherhood rite of passage that is proudly handed down to daughters, generation after generation. Moms know that some things will be accepted and some rejected, but moms pass it down anyways. Part of being an adult is carving out your own way of doing things.  Part of being a mother is teaching your child to fly, then let go and watch them soar like an eagle. Another part is becoming your grown-up daughter’s friend, yet never forgetting you are a mom forever.
Your first home on this earth was in the body of your mother, right under her heart. While hidden inside her, you began to get to get to know each other. You were dependent on her for your life. Then D-Day comes:  “Delivery Day.”  The adventure of a lifetime begins. You are birthed and mom is full of joy. Her mother’s heart began to grow when you were placed in her arms and she never wanted to let go.  Daily you grew and learned. You smiled, mommy rejoiced!  You cooed, mommy applauded!  The miracle of life was unfolding before her eyes.
Then one day you become a toddler.  You now have your own ideas; lots of ideas!  You figure it is time to take over.  The journey toward independence has begun. You say in your best toddler voice, “I’m the Mom!”  You secretly find ways to be in charge and give mom the pink slip. You practice the words, “You’re fired!”
You grow from toddlerhood to elementary school, and then to middle school. You have learned to listen, respect and obey your mom. Time flies and you enter high school. Finally as an “adult,” you are convinced you know more than your mom. Your teen vision begins to reveal your mom’s faults, all of them.  Once you thought she was perfect, now she is on top of the list of irritating people. You scrutinize everything she does, the words she uses, the decisions she makes, and even the clothes she wears. Sometimes you are even embarrassed to be seen with her.  Time goes by and your ledger is overflowing. You have observed, analyzed, and come to the conclusion that you will never do things like your mother did. You will definitely do a much better job. You tell yourself, “I will be the perfect mother, with the perfect children, the perfect husband, and be a perfect housekeeper!”
One day, you fall in love with the man of your dreams. You get married and out of your love for each other you conceive a baby girl, the perfect child.  After a few months on the mommy job, pride fills your heart. You say to yourself, “I know I will be the mother of the year!”  You secretly believed it was true, but as time passes you get a reality check. You see life happens, like colic, sleepless nights, spit-up on your new silk blouse, and you say thru a yawn, “How did mom do it?” You have grown in wisdom and character. You call your mom, thanking her profusely.  On Mother’s Day you buy the card that puts into words the appreciation that now lives in your heart. You have come to see all the sacrifices your mom made for you. You throw away the ledger and your judgmental attitude, and replace it with a journal of your favorite memories of growing up.  You take pictures of mom often and develop an attitude of acceptance and love, realizing you have “Very big shoes to fill!”  You decide you want to be just like your mother one day.  The high heels fit just fine!
Have you thanked your mom lately, daughters?  Not only for giving your life, but also for the life lessons she taught?  It takes a lot of growing up to fit into your mom’s high heels. Once they fit you can wear them with a smile that says, “I love you mom!” One day you will have the same joy of watching your baby girl walk in your high heels. Once her shoes fit she will wear them with pride and a smile on her face that says, “I love you mom!” One day she will pass those same high heels on down to a daughter of her own. She, like all mothers before her, will wait patiently until those shoes fit just fine!

Monday, January 19, 2015


            Father’s listen up, you brides too, because this article is for a select few. I will always be a daddy’s girl even though my father pasted away over 5 yrs. ago. You women” who have always been a daddy’s girl will know exactly what I mean. A daddy’s girl is a daughter who was the apple of dad’s eye and because of that she thought her dad “hung the moon.” No matter how small a man her daddy was, a daddy’s girl knew her dad always had her back. She had the assurance that daddy would always catch her when she fell.

A dad teaches his daughter so many things and because a daddy’s girl admires him so, she is a quick learner. Daddy took the words to Sinatra's signature song, "Have It Your Way!" literally and lived it!  He walked to the beat of that tune and taught me to “be myself, no matter what!” and “to be true to you!”  He also gave me the confidence to believe I could be whatever I wanted to be.  This hope has given me the wings to fly through life’s tough spots and to climb every mountain life presents.  Lastly, he taught me to do little things greatly and to do great things with grace and ease.

Maybe those life lessons began to take route the day of my kindergarten graduation ceremony.  We were running late. As my mom got my younger siblings out of the car, dad took my hand and we sped toward the auditorium.  I secured my cap with my hand as sprinted, all the while trying not to trip over my white graduation gown.  As I neared the door, I was shocked to see that my classmates had proceeded in and were already seated on the stage. A tear ran down my face, I was sad that I had missed the moment. Daddy knew just what to do.  He always did!  He gave me an encouraging nod and said,” Ellen, go on up there! Go get on that stage!” Those words gave me the confidence I needed, as I processed in with boldness and pride up onto the stage, all alone but unafraid. I found my seat among the graduation class and my sadness turned to joy! As my name was called and I walked up to received my kindergarten diploma.

My dad never tried to be a square peg in a round hole.   No, not my dad!  He never bent or ever blended. He was comfortable in his own skin and lived life as himself.  As a daddy’s girl, I learned to sing in the rain, dance though the storms of life and never apologize for being different. If daddy was the driver the radio was always on and we sang with one another loudly, with all our hearts. A frequent tune was the song, “High Hopes!”  It was about an ant that thought he could not move a rubber tree plant but because of his high hopes he was able to do it. This was a lifelong theme song making defeat, disappointment, and discouragement never an option. High hopes were deeply planted in my soul and took me air born as a Stewardess at just nineteen, even though too young and way too short. High hopes flew me through
the airwaves as a radio and television speaker. High hopes gave me the lift and drive to view life as an adventure, and what a ride it has been!

Daddy’s girls never doubt they are loved and trust is rarely an issue for them. The security of their daddy’s love plants firm, strong roots of trust automatically into their hearts. To her, daddy is a giant of a guy, somewhat of a super hero wearing an invisible cape who protects her from all harm. She faces life confident and unafraid.  This is a gift cannot be duplicated.  A wise father will strive with all his heart to make all his daughters’ daddy’s girl.

I never felt more like my Daddy’s Girl than on my wedding day.  We gathered together, family and friends from all around the country, at Key Biscayne, Florida at sunset by the ocean. The view was breath taking as the groomsmen rolled out the white carpet, and the bridesmaid processed down the aisle.  Daddy once again, was my escort, just like on that kindergarten graduation day so long ago. This time I took his arm instead of his hand. All the butterflies left me as we processed down the aisle. This time daddy got me to the monumental occasion on time. It seemed like a lifetime, waiting for the wedding day to arrive. I was so ready to marry the man of my dreams. I felt so safe, so proud, and so loved as we processed together toward my groom with the backdrop of the ocean blue. It was picture perfect.  As daddy looked me in the eyes he smiled and said, “Ellen, where is the music.” Our picture perfect wedding day could have been shattered, but as always daddy knew just what to do. Without skipping a beat he began to sing, “Don, don, da, don…don, don, da, don…”  Joy overtook my heart as I joined in the melody with him and squeezed his arm. Daddy always brought the music and the high hopes.

When we reached my groom, dad proudly placed my arm in Patrick’s and a calming peace took over my heart and I knew everything was going to be all right.  Being Daddy’s girl had somehow prepared me to be Pat’s wife. I knew Pat be a man that I could love and trust, a man I could count on to have my back. He like daddy would always catch me if I fell.  As the sun set over the horizon and we exchanged our “I do’s,” I felt my groom hung the moon!

For my dad, an artist, "Life was like an empty canvas!” so ladies paint your life any way you want!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


A few months ago, my husband Deacon Pat and I found ourselves at Eisenhower Army Hospital praying and waiting while supporting my daughter and son in law as their son Richie had surgery. I, who am not a fan of hospitals, tried to take my mind of the seriousness of the situation by turning my attention to their two year old daughter, Audrey Love. As a mother of eight and a former preschool teacher; two’s and threes have always been my strong suit. Audrey and I always have a ton of fun together. Audrey always brings with her, eyes of wonder, an enormous vocabulary and a very creative imagination. I think it is because as a toddler, she is free, just to be Audrey. She is free to love and be loved. She is free to dance in the rain or just break into a song out loud. Audrey is a free spirit just like her Nana; I hope she will always be.
What were Audrey and I doing to pass the time away on that day? We were flying through the air in the waiting room, of course. It seemed very natural to me. As a former ballet teacher, I often teach creative movement to my grandchildren. Audrey was free as a bird. In fact, I think I saw her leave the ground a time or two. I know I was airborne but only in my imagination. As we flapped our pretend wings with pride and set off in flight, I said to her, “My daddy gave me wings, so I could fly. “ Of course I meant my Heavenly Father, my Abba Daddy. Then I asked, “Audrey, do you have wings.” Followed by, “Did your daddy give you wings to fly?” Audrey, eyes got wide with delight. She did seem baffled by the question, and she took a short pause. Somehow I knew she had an answer; it was spoken through her smile. She looked right into Nana's eyes, turned around, flapped her arms and flew through the air. Yes, Audrey has wings indeed!! Her mom and dad gave them to her, and they taught her to fly too. Audrey knows that she can set her heights high. And nothing is too far from her. Audrey knows that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. Audrey is free as a bird in flight.

Moms not only do we need to have wings but we need to pass our wing down to our children. We must teach our children how to fly. The more freedom we have in Christ, the easier it is to teach your children how to live freely in Him. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made each for a purpose. Give your child wings to fly high enough like an eagle in the sky to reach their dreams, but low enough to easily to land safely home. Wings that are not too widely spread that they don’t feel safe in your arms. Wings that sail them on a journey of becoming the best they can be. Teach them to never ever give up. Give them wings.
When you accessorize with virtue your heart is lifted up, your wings expand with pride and you lighten the load of others. You are free, just to be. Think of what a difference we could make in this world if we all, wings and learned to fly. Ladies, if you have wings, the skies the limit.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ellen and Peggy --Air Florida Flight Attendants in 1973 Miami, Florida


God wants to give us wings so we can fly like the eagles. As a young gal in my teens, I wanted to be a stewardess. The dream of flying the friendly skies did not die. In fact at the age of barely nineteen, my dream came true. Yes, God gave me the desire of my heart. I was hired on as one of the first stewardesses for Air Florida in Miami, Florida.

Yes, that day I got my wings. I was actually too short and too young for the job. However, my Heavenly Father seemed to part the Red Sea, paving the way for me to get hired that day. I learned thru that experience that nothing is impossible with God. Every time our 707 Boeing jet took off, oh how my heart soared! Sometimes I left the ground (at least in my mind) even before the plane took off, just out of shear excitement for the job. That job fit my personality and my lifestyle perfectly. We had one plane, so the crew came home every night. To top it off, we flew from Miami early in the morning to Orlando, taking people to Disney, then returning in the evening to pick up the Disney visitors to bring them home. Disney was a novelty in those days. We lived the song, “Where Dreams Come True,” along with our passengers; on the flights we sang, “It’s a Small World After All,” and “If You Had Wings.”

The wings God gave me that day set me in flight to do many things I never knew I could do, and to become what I never thought possible. I have had eight children and I didn’t even like being a babysitter! I have been a frequent guest on WBPI-TV, and on radio throughout the country. In fact I will be a guest on WBPI-TV tomorrow, Jan. 13 at 8 pm ( I have written for a magazine called “Charm on the Space Coast.” I am on the board of Elizabeth Ministry International and I blog for them ( Now I am launching this new website and starting a new blog ( I am a presenter for a Catholic mom’s conference on the web. It is free, so sign up today at! Welcome aboard ladies to “little pink dress ministry.” I hope you will be a frequent follower of my blogs and my new website that I am taking to flight next week. Please invite me to be a guest on your TV show or radio spot. I would love to speak at your church, or mom’s club. Call for a reservation and I will fly right on over. Oh I almost forgot, I never forget to put on Christ and accessorize with virtue, that’s my motto! You see that is why God gave me wings, to spread the Good News all over this land. All aboard and welcome to my journey. I hope you will become a frequent flyer.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Have you ever heard a story that has altered your life forever?  When I heard this parable, somehow, it not only changed my life but became the theme song of my life.  There were five men who were running to catch a bus to get to work one morning.  On their way they passed a blind man who was selling pencils.  Just as they passed by, they noticed that the blind man unfortunately dropped all his pencils. So what did the five men do?  They kept on running, all but one man.  What did this man do?  He stopped and bent down to pick up the pencils.  As the friends looked back, they noticed him stopping to help.  Frantically the four men shouted, “Come on, hurry, we do not have that kind of time.  If you stop, you will miss the bus.”  The fifth man motioned them to go on as he said, “It will be alright. I will just catch the next bus.”  Without missing a beat, the kind man continued to pick up the pencils. The blind man inquired, “Can I ask you something?  “Sure,” replied the man.  Perplexed the blind man questioned, “Who are you?”   Then the blind man added, “You are the kindest man I ever met. “   You see even though the man was blind he could see enough to detect the love in the kind man’s heart.  Maybe this fifth man was the only one who had ever showed the blind man compassion.  How many had run by him not even noticing his need?

Fresh in all our minds is the holocaust that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, CT.   On December, 2012. This tragic incident will never be forgotten.  It serves as a wake- up call to us all.  What a lesson we can all learn from the entire unsung hero, who picked up more than the pencil. Their eyes were in clear vision on the innocent children, and not themselves.  Teachers bravely protected them and tried to calm their fears. One teacher’s quick thinking found safety in a bathroom along with her classroom safely in her care. All miraculously had the self-control to be still, which saved their lives.  How can you pick up the pencils in 2013?

I have a question for you?  Who are you in this story? Are you the four men rushing to catch the bus? Are you the blind man in need of assistance?  Or are you the man who stopped and noticed another human being with a cry for help?   Sometimes it only takes five minutes to stop and pick up the pencils in someone else life, or are you too busy to notice?  Each of us has the same 24 hours in a day; how do you spend yours?  Do you take the time to care or do you let life rush on by doing your thing

How about making 2013 the year to take five by:
1. Take five minutes a day to pause.
2. Write down five things you are thankful for daily.
3. Write down five ways you want to make a difference each day.
4. Write down five things you will do for yourself.
5. Take five minutes each night to pause again and learn from your day.

Instead of letting impatience grow when you seem to catch every red light, take five. Mentally go over your thankfulness list or plan something to do to make a difference.   Your doctor is running behind on appointments, don’t take a downward dive, and instead take five.  Always have a book and some note cards along in your purse and put them to good use or write you’re to do list.  Look around and see who you can help?  You hear the words, “Price check at register number seven,” and that is the line you are in. Don’t let it ruin your day, or change lanes, take five, instead. Bring along a good attitude to the scene, it is contagious. Who can you help with a kind word or a listening ear?

You will be amazed how this small change in your life to TAKE FIVE can make a big difference.   In 2013, stop and smell the rose and spread the aroma of joy in the beauty of nature.  Purpose to take life a little slower, so that you are not rushing to catch the bus, and blindly trip over the pencils, dropped in your path.  Enjoy the moment so you do not miss the view.  Don’t sweat the small stuff; but embrace the challenge to grow in character.  Make a positive resolution for the New Year, just take five. This philosophy may not only change your day but perhaps it will improve your vision too.  By cultivating a thankful heart, you will eliminate any self-pity that may have found a home.  Replace that with, “No Vacancy,” and chase the blues away.  When you put on the glasses of compassion, you can see clearly the need in another’s life.  Set out every day to accomplish something for someone.  It is the lesson my mom taught me.  What a difference that will make in your heart and the hearts of those lives you touch.  Somehow reaching beyond our self, takes our focus off our problems and they seem to shrink in comparison to another’s needs.  My dad, an artist taught me that, “Life is a canvas and you get to paint the picture.” How will the picture of your life look?  Will it have a sun shining brightly or will you allow a rainstorm to color the canvas of your heart?  TAKE FIVE each day and see what an artist you can become.