Tuesday, January 13, 2015


God wants to give us wings so we can fly like the eagles. As a young gal in my teens, I wanted to be a stewardess. The dream of flying the friendly skies did not die. In fact at the age of barely nineteen, my dream came true. Yes, God gave me the desire of my heart. I was hired on as one of the first stewardesses for Air Florida in Miami, Florida.

Yes, that day I got my wings. I was actually too short and too young for the job. However, my Heavenly Father seemed to part the Red Sea, paving the way for me to get hired that day. I learned thru that experience that nothing is impossible with God. Every time our 707 Boeing jet took off, oh how my heart soared! Sometimes I left the ground (at least in my mind) even before the plane took off, just out of shear excitement for the job. That job fit my personality and my lifestyle perfectly. We had one plane, so the crew came home every night. To top it off, we flew from Miami early in the morning to Orlando, taking people to Disney, then returning in the evening to pick up the Disney visitors to bring them home. Disney was a novelty in those days. We lived the song, “Where Dreams Come True,” along with our passengers; on the flights we sang, “It’s a Small World After All,” and “If You Had Wings.”

The wings God gave me that day set me in flight to do many things I never knew I could do, and to become what I never thought possible. I have had eight children and I didn’t even like being a babysitter! I have been a frequent guest on WBPI-TV, and on radio throughout the country. In fact I will be a guest on WBPI-TV tomorrow, Jan. 13 at 8 pm (www.watchmenchristiantv.com/). I have written for a magazine called “Charm on the Space Coast.” I am on the board of Elizabeth Ministry International and I blog for them (www.elizabethministry.com). Now I am launching this new website and starting a new blog (www.littlepinkdressministry.blogspot.com). I am a presenter for a Catholic mom’s conference on the web. It is free, so sign up today at www.CatholicConference4Moms.com! Welcome aboard ladies to “little pink dress ministry.” I hope you will be a frequent follower of my blogs and my new website that I am taking to flight next week. Please invite me to be a guest on your TV show or radio spot. I would love to speak at your church, or mom’s club. Call for a reservation and I will fly right on over. Oh I almost forgot, I never forget to put on Christ and accessorize with virtue, that’s my motto! You see that is why God gave me wings, to spread the Good News all over this land. All aboard and welcome to my journey. I hope you will become a frequent flyer.

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