Saturday, May 9, 2015


Do you remember playing dress up as a little girl, and trying on your mommy’s high heel.  Asking, “Will these pretty shoes ever fit me mamma?” Without hesitation your mom replied, “One day those high heels will fit just find.” Moms have a way of instilling high hopes into their daughter’s hearts.  They pass down to their daughters more than just a pair of pretty high heels. They pass their beliefs, fashion tips, recipes, character traits, wisdom and most importantly their love.  Part of being a mom is teaching your child to fly then to let go, watch them soar like an eagle.  Another part is becoming their best friend, while still being a mom. Mom did just that.

Her name is Eleanor. “Unstoppable,” is her middle name. She is my mother. Let me tell you a little about this fine lady. At almost eighty nine years old, she lives her life fully alive; nothing stops her.  Last year alone she has faced bladder cancer, carotid artery blockage, high blood pressure and a broken shoulder.  When a physician error caused her to have major surgery on her bladder surgery facing weeks in the hospital, she was forgiving. When her weekend get away with the girlfriends ended in a freak accident resulting in shattering her shoulder, she persevered.  She reluctantly agreed not to walk up stairs in her high heel again or at least around her friends.  She embraced PT miraculously regained use of her arm even thought she had never done a work out in her life. After all, that arm was needed to hold her bridge cards. My mom is no stranger to suffering.  She willing moved every year to appease my dad’s career decisions, single handedly packing up the home, the children and her life and moving on with excitement in new beginnings. She courageously accepted a pregnancy at age forty four just when she was seeing the light at the end of the carpool lane. When retirement took her out of her comfort zone from the Midwest to the Deep South she re-invented self, becoming an entrepreneur.  She went from changing diapers and washing dishes to changing lives. She became a statement of how you can do and be whatever you want to be, if you put your mind to it. With a mother’s heart she chooses a second career where she would still be available to her youngest child.  As my dad slowed down with frequent health problem mom found a new skip in step. She bought Wisteria Manor in Aiken South Carolina and became both a caterer and a legion. She tells everyone with a personal pride in her voice, “I worked until I was eight years old. “  Now as a widow she is more alive than ever; nick named the Merry Widow.

Mom is an old fashion gal with a modern voice and not afraid to speak her mind.  She is a voice of wisdom to those who will listen, my daily laugh on our morning phone calls, and an example to follow for those who suffer.  I applaud mom an unstoppable woman of valor who looks obstacles straight in the eye and never runs away. Those who know her want her to be their mom too. Some want her to write a book on how to grow old gracefully, while others just admire her spunk.  Perhaps it is because she is witty and wise, or because she is still quite the style setter, high heels and all, or because she is willing to sacrifice at her own expense even if it is with a tear in her eye. Maybe it is because at almost eighty eight years old she still has what it takes to be not only Unstoppable mom but an Unstoppable woman.  She with strong drive and big heart has touched lives she will never be aware of.   She can still run to your aid in those high heels if you need her, because nothing is stopping her for being there for someone she loves. My mom, Eleanor deserves the title of the Unstoppable Mom. Don’t you agree!!

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