Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Words, count! Never underestimate how much words can affect your life.  They can set you in motion to fly towards your dreams, or hold you bound, never leaving the ground.  A sentence can set you in a new direction, or become your theme song for life.  Other words can crush your dreams and paralyze you from beginning anew.  How have words affected you?  Stop a moment and think about what words have formed your character and guided your path.  I began to make a list of the one-liners, which changed my life.  Some sentences, which were said just in passing, have become my companion for life!

Here is a one-liner story for you. It was my nephew’s graduation day and the ceremony was coming to an end. The vice-principle approached the microphone to address the audience, with a few words from her heart to pass on the graduates. She said,

“If there was a glass half filled with water, an optimist would see it as half full and a pessimist would see it as half empty, but a giver would see the glass, and look around to see who is thirsty.”

What a closing lesson and statement rolled into one. Who is thirsty? Those three little words ask a big question. The world is a very thirsty place. Many people need the refreshment brought by a kind deed, a wise word or even a shoulder to cry on.  They need to learn a new skill, or hear you share your story. Every life counts and every person is given something to teach the world. When you look around your corner of the world do you view it with pessimistic, optimistic or giving eyes?  Today pour yourself a glass of water and fill it to the brim. Then put on the glasses of compassion, go out into your world and see who is thirsty?  Who knows you may want to pour a second glass!

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