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Reader, “You’ve got personality!” Never is your personality more evident than in the clothes you wear.  For instance if you are a sporty gal, you would rarely be seen wearing pearls at the neighborhood picnic. Yet if you are a classy lady, you probably would never venture out unless you had your heels on.  To me there is no right or wrong in fashion as long as it is modest and fits the occasion. Each of you is unique and has acquired your own style which you feel most comfortable in. As a people watcher with a fashion conscious eye, I have narrowed down women’s dressing style into five types.  Read the list, and then decide what fashion type describes you best.  Then after you have selected your style; go thru your closet and do some spring cleaning of your wardrobe.  Throw out what does not fit your body, your life style, or your new fashion taste. Then I have a suggestion for you, it is time to go on a shopping spree! Don’t forget to bring the girlfriend who has the most fashion sense.  Who is the least likely to just flatter; but rather speaks the truth in love. When you say how does this look on me? She answers truthfully. What are you waiting for Georgia – Carolina gals?  It’s time to find your spring wardrobe.

     Who are you?

Classy Lady
Sporty Gal
Mod Chick
Girly Girl
Beach Babe

 The Classy Lady prefers to buy clothes that are a little pricier, but rarely go out of style?  No matter what the occasion classy ladies are always in vogue.  She confidently put on last year’s little black dress and wears it with pride, knowing she made a wise purchase.  She always chooses basic colors and styles for that reason.  She knows how to accessorize in order to dress up, dress down, or just add color.  The Classy lady never minds the dry cleaning bill because she knows that quality items deserve quality care.  She never lets the words, “This old thing.” pass thru her lips when she receives a compliment about her outfit!  The Classy Lady knows the secret that, “Less is more,” in the area of her wardrobe and speech.

Sporty Gals are sharp, colorful and full of energy.  When making a clothing selection, quick and easy is her motto because she is always on the go.  She puts her wardrobe money into wash and wear, mostly active wear.  A dry clean only item is not found in her closet, and she doesn’t have an iron in her laundry room.  If you meet her in the mall or at a luncheon, she will be casually dressed in her tennis skirt and brand new athletic shoes.  The shoes are a name brand that you recognize, because shoes are the item where she will pay the price. To sporty gals, comfort outweighs style.  A chosen life of comfort is why sporty gals always sport a smile.


The Mod Squad has come on the scene and all heads are turning toward them.  These are the Chicks that make a fashion statement everywhere they go.  She is never afraid to be on the cutting edge of what is new; whether it is the cutting edge hairdo or a fashion fad.  She keeps the fashion industry alive, always looking for what is in vogue.  She wants to be the first kid on the block to purchase it.  She buys clothes often, but wear them a less amount of time.  She is always changing her wardrobe, but she never counts the cost.  Mod Chicks are wise enough to hang on to some outdated fashion items knowing that in the fashion industry, what goes around, comes around again in the Merry-Go-Round of Fashion. They coined the phrase retro; rewound it, redesigned it, and then renamed it “MOD” again!  This paragraph is for Mod Chicks only!

Girly Girls are decked out in lace dresses or fancy pants, and are never without high heels.  She is never heard complaining her feet hurt because that would not be lady like.  She is a prissy girls and proud of it. Her fashion choice has one criterion, “Do she feel like women when she wears it?  She likes dates that are paid for by her man.  She waits for doors to be opened   as she exits the car, or enters the building.  Her gentleness and poise exude to all they are in the presence of a lady. Her makeup is applied tastefully with perfection, every one of her hairs are in place, framing her pretty, feminine faces.  Her jewelry selection accents her outfit and of course, the purses match the shoes.  Girly girls select only those clothes that look best on them.  Her smile says, “I am a Women, so Color Me Beautiful,” and when she arrive on the scene, all agree!

The Beach Babe is easier to spot than any of the other four styles because she looks like she is always dressed for the beach, and never without her flip flops.  She has more bathing suits than shoes.  She always carries her beach bag in her car; just in case the waves are calling her to come, walk by their side.  Her closet is full of sundresses, sunglasses, sunhats and sandals.  She lives on vacation, where she has learned to enjoy the moment,   as well as the view.  If by chance an invitation finds its way to her mailbox that reads: Dress is Formal Attire, she usually declines the invite.  The Beach Babes’ make-up is scarce, her hairdo wash and wear, and her wardrobe low on her priority list.  She is definitely a low maintenance wife living a low maintenance life.  As long as the Beach Babe can catch a wave each day and a little bit of sun, she is good to go.

 Now maybe you have read this entire article and are still asking yourself the question, “Who am I? I do not know what to do?”  Whatever you do, do not shout out the words, “Fashion Emergency!” 
Because I have a surprise for you, I have saved the best category until last, the DIVA DAME.

There is nothing like a Diva Dame.  If you are a Diva Dame, be glad because you probably are all these styles rolled into one.  Anything goes.  You are the woman who feels at home in any style, depending on your mood.  One day you may choose to be a girly girl in a lace sundress and accessorizing with your new set of pearls and silver high heels. Then the next day you throw on your gym clothes and put your hair in a ponytail and off to the gym you jog.  As a Diva Dame you wear what you like and never ask others advice.  You are confident to be you.  You have learned to dress your personality.

Ladies, “You’ve got Personality!” Let it shine for all to see. “Be yourself; be the “Best you can be!”   Everyone else is taken. Then walk with confidence, knowing that you are a unique and wonderful woman who sports her own style.  Don’t forget to wear the smile that says to the world, “I am ready to face, whatever life happens today.  The way I think, “No matter what my day holds, at least I look cute!” Dress your personality; and always accessorize with virtue. 

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