Sunday, February 15, 2015


When did the Prince lose his charm and appeal?  It used to attract the Princess to him like a magnet.  She breathlessly clung to his every word.  Once upon a time, his eye was upon her from the moment he saw her pretty face.  Time passed; married life set in and the familiarity of day after day has blinded his eyes from seeing her, even if she is sitting right beside him.  It seems the “Knight in Shining Armor” has begun riding his horse in a different direction.  What is a Princess to do?
Princess Dear, why not bring on a little charm to spice up your life in the castle?  This will help you to dig out of the rut that relationships fall into; somewhere between dating days and ordinary life as his wife.  When a prince takes his princess for granted, unfortunately she seems to return the favor.  Wake up “Sleeping Beauty!” Glitz it up, cheer him on, and give the good night kiss that says, “I love you best!” Remember, “It is all in the kiss!”  So kiss like it is the first time and won’t be the last time.  If “Prince Charming” has invited you to his castle, it is because you make him feel like a King. Treat the Prince to a “Royal Date” that will remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place.
Do you remember those dating days gone by?  You spent the day, putting on the glitz. You were showered, dressed to the nines, make-up and perfume were applied, and you always remembered to accessorize.  You could hardly wait to see him; bubbling over with joy and running to greet him when he rang your doorbell.  You did not care where you were going; after all you were with Prince Charming.
Beautiful Princess, the courting does not have to stop when the bride and the groom exchange their     “I Do’s!”  Marriage is exactly the place when dating for life begins.  Love is a choice.  Make it a “Love Connection” by adding a little spice to married life. Here are some successful date escapes that we have tried, Prince Patrick and I, the Beautiful Princess:
1.       Romantic Picnic - A get away picnic, whether at the park, or the beach, or even your own back yard tells your date that romance is in the air. Try European style: cheese, wine and fresh fruit become the perfect menu for healthy and delicious. Then walk hand in hand afterwards while having a heart to heart talk, and watch the sunset together.  The date is complete but the intimacy of the moment lasts a lifetime.
2.       Disney World - Are you a kid at heart who loves the Disney Magic?  No matter what theme park has become your personal favorite, your dreams can come true. A  Disney date is where a princess feels right at home with her prince.
3.       Double Date - Call your BFF and schedule a double date with her and her hubby.  Brainstorm together and plan an unforgettable time to knock the prince’s socks off.   If your BFF lives out of town like mine does, this date takes a lot of prior planning and usually ends up as a get-away weekend.  Double dating is a way to double the fun.
4.        Destination Date - Explore new places.  Pick a town, set your GPS, put your car in drive and off you go to have the time of your life. Whether you cruise to New Smyrna Beach, walk around Cocoa Village, or do the town in Miami, set your heart on adventure and let the moments come alive.
5.       Event Date - It’s Florida; something is always happening somewhere.  Do your research; check out the back page of Charm Magazine, Google Brevard County events, or get the Florida AAA book.  Choose an event that peaks your interest and it will equal a good time of togetherness.
6.       Dinner Date - It seems that dinner and a movie, is a common date. To charm it up a bit hunt as a couple to find, “Your Place.”  Try a variety of restaurants until you find “the one.”  Never judge a book by its cover.  The proof is in the pudding, so taste and see.
7.       Hiking - If you are the outdoor type, this date is for you.  Grab your hiking boots and walk for hours together enjoying the view until you drop into each other’s arms.  The great outdoors freshens the air in a relationship. 
8.       Romantic Get-Away - Remember the way you were?  A get-away weekend to a romantic place will quickly trigger your memory.  Get away with the prior agreement to just focus on each other.  You may not want to come back.  This is what I call saving the best date to last.

If your Prince has taken a siesta and your eyes of wonder have begun to close, it is time to bring a little charm into the castle. Courting “Prince Charming” again is one way of adding life to your marriage. Your prince will quickly take his place again as the king of his castle with his eye upon you, the princess, seated on the throne beside him.  Take some time to pretty up inside and out; plan, prepare and then get ready for a good time on a date with your mate.  Bye for now, I have to hurry!  I hear the doorbell of my heart ringing.  It is my Prince Charming calling. He is ready for our Royal date and I can’t wait!!!  

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