Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Catholic Conferences 4 Moms

Today is the day you can sign up for Catholic Conferences 4 Moms. This conference is by moms and for moms. I am very excited about this conference for two reasons. First of all the conference is free and secondly it is an internet conference. Do you know what that means moms? It means that you  can go to the conference whenever you want and even from your own living room. How convenient is that? There are presenters speaking on a variety of topics; so there is something for everyone. These are moms just like you. I know you will be blessed.

 I am one of the presenters. I speak on,  "A Quiver Full."  It is about how our God can do anything.  I share about how God took a woman who hardly ever babysat before and formed her to be the mother of eight children. He changed me completely. I count it as the greatest miracle of my life. How did He change me?  He gave me a Mother's Heart. I believe that miracles always happen in the heart on the inside where no one sees but God. Please watch my presentation. I would love to hear from you.

Moms what are you waiting for? Go to their website Catholic Conference 4 Moms.and sign up today. You can also like the conference on the face book page Catholic Conference 4 Moms and follow it on twitter.  Please sign up today. Then call, e-mail, face book, or twitter your friends and tell them all about it.

When we put on Christ everyday by accessorizing with virtue, miracles happen in our heart and in our lives. May you have a God filled day

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