Saturday, February 21, 2015


If you want to live in love with your husband, you must accessorize with virtue. Here are some practical suggestions to try.."Love one another for love is of God."

1.  A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Learn to cook gourmet meals.

2. Making a list of ten reasons you fell in love with him.  Place the list in your bible.

3. Give to bless not to get. Give him both time and attention or space when needed.

4. Encourage him daily.

5. Honor him in all you do or say.

6. Look at him eye ball to eyeball listening attentively when he speaks.

7. Remember always, “He is not you.” Let him feel free enough to be himself.

8. Be the first to say, “I’m sorry.” 

9. When he is down; build him up.

10. Ask questions instead of judging what he is saying or what he is doing.

11. Find ways to avoid the situations that make each other jealous.

12. Be an open book to one another. No secrets.

13.  Remember Godly marriages live their lives in the light of Christ.

14. Ask God to forgive you and heal you, when hurt. God is the only one who can heal a heart.

15. Be accountable. Pray about getting a spiritual director.

16. Avoid jealousy issue by, try not to do the things that makes him jealous.

17. Be your husband’s best cheerleader.  Let him know that you cheer for him alone.

18. Learn to live as the Proverbs 31 woman. “The law of kindness is on your tongue.”

19. Let him know he is “King of your Castle.”  Brag about him especially in front of your children.

20. Ask his opinion often; then do what he suggests.

21. If you tend to brag about yourself, admit your sin, repent and vow to change.

22. Never expose his faults; if asked just smile sweetly.

23. Learn to listen and nod. Don’t interrupt.

24. Let him be the leader, and you the follower.

25. Avoid being dead right; winning the argument but deadening the relationship.

26. Pick your battles.  My motto is, “Unless it is sin; I give in!”

27. If conflict arises and you are at a dead end; the best road is compromise.

28. Lead by example. Avoid being his Holy Spirit.

29. Practice being, quick to forgive. Be a daily forgiver to avoid the volcanic eruption. 

30. If he has sinned against you; correct in love.

31. Keep your heart clean before the Lord though frequent confession.

32. Confess the ways you have failed to live the marriage covenant.  Ask God to help you change.

33. Ask your husband’s forgiveness for the ways you have failed him.

34. Choose one area to work. Ask God for wisdom on how to change.

35. Pray about having a Titus II Woman to talk to for advice and wise counsel.

36. Get a prayer partner to pray with daily. Hold each other accountable. 

37. Choose your girlfriends wisely, those who are living for Jesus. Get around healthy couples too.

38. Be gentle with yourself. We all are imperfect people loving each other imperfectly.

39. Plan a second honeymoon with your husband.  A new beginning helps love grow.

40. Clean the slate with your mate. Walk in God’s grace, mercy and love. Let peace reign.

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