Tuesday, February 17, 2015


“Little Pink Dress Ministry, what kind of name is that for a ministry?” Those were my husband’s exact words, when I told him that we finally launched my website and blog. My husband, Deacon Pat, is the person I always use for spiritual discernment. He is wise, holding a master’s degree in Pastoral Theology, plus he has had his M.D. since 1974. However one thing my Deacon Dear, which I affectionately call him, does not have is a female gender. He is a man. He, also, has never run a woman’s ministry. So I took his comment with a grain of salt.
I was getting ready to explain in my best female language why the name Little Pink Dress Ministry was God’s choice.  Tarolyn, our daughter, and I had been praying and brainstorming together all morning. This name seemed to fit. In my opinion, it was similar to when a couple is trying to choose a name for the child in their womb.  They toss around ideas together.  Then one name just fits.  They look at each other and exclaim, “That’s it!” Maybe that was a bad example, naming a child together was never Pat and my strong suit. As my mind raced back in time, I remembered the time he chose Barnabas, for a son. God mercifully intervened by blessing us with a daughter instead, named Amanda Joy Grace.  The name fit our little girl. In the same way, Little Pink Dress fit the ministry perfectly.  I knew it and that was all that mattered.
 I declined giving an explanation to my left brain man, who already looked perplexed. After all, that surely would fall under the category of too much information.  Instead, I avoided the subject. Then I continued with, “Pat, you should have been there when we chose the tagline.” I must admit, I did not even know what the word tagline meant at the time. After Tarolyn carefully explained the definition, I said what I always say, “I’ll take it to prayer.” I believe that the tagline I selected was inspired by God. The tagline, “Accessorize with virtue,” has birthed the direction of my entire ministry.  It is for ladies who want to be adorned in His character and fashioned by His grace.
So why would a Catholic Christian Writer and Speaker select Little Pink Dress Ministry? That is the question. What is the answer? I am a girly, girl whose favorite color is pink.  I am almost always found in a dress, no matter what the occasion. To top it off, I always loved the slogan “Little Black Dress.” It is both simple and eloquent.  I rejoice in my gender.  I love being not only a woman but also a wife, and mother.  Do you know what I want people to say when I pass by, “There goes a lady!”
 What kind of woman do you want to be?  A Godly woman, who lives for Christ daily, can change the world by her example and thru his grace. She stands out with her inner beauty, not resembling the world. She is set apart for God like Queen Esther in the Bible. Women of today are miles apart on their views about what it means to be a woman, a wife and a mother. What does it mean to you?  To me, marriage is a both a vocation and a sacrament. “A man shall leave his father and mother and the two shall become one and what God has joined together let no man put asunder.”  That scripture from the book of Genesis may be old in years, but it is definitely not outdated.  A man and wife who are united for life are given the responsibility by a Holy God to join together in creating, birthing, and then forming the next generation to be healthy and strong. If the couple is doing their job well, they are also, and more importantly, passing their faith down to the next generation. We ladies house our babies first in our womb then in our hearts. We share this journey with the man we have chosen out of the entire world to be our husband. Hopefully, we were wise enough to ask God’s advice. The “who” before the, “I DO!” is said!
The joys and challenges of being a lady, goes far beyond what the world can ever understand. The tag line my Heavenly Father created says it all. Readers, you want to be a lady too?  Then “Accessorize with virtue.”  How do you accessorize?  Every lady knows that before she leaves home she takes a quick look in the mirror. Then she carefully chooses just the right earrings, and the perfect necklace or bracelet to make her look complete. Lipstick is last but equally, essential before walking out the door. She never forgets to sport a smile. She always leaves with joy in her step.
A Godly woman has a checklist too.  In the same when she must take the time to look at the reflection of her soul and put on Christ before walking out the door. She must always remember who she is representing, Christ Jesus our Lord. She must never forget to accessorize with virtue. It completes the look.  A woman must practice virtue in season and out of season.  Whether she is speaking at a church to a multitude of women or in her home with an audience of one, her two year old who is potty training, accessorize with virtue.  Whether she is seated at the presidential banquet with distinguished guests or her very own dinner table with family, accessorize with virtue.  If she is noticed or she is taken for granted, accessorize with virtue. If she finds herself, snowbound with a house full of toddlers or sun tanning at the beach with her beloved, accessorize with virtue.
 If she is to be a follower of Christ she must be an imitator of Christ. Ladies, God does not have a magic wand which He waves over us and instantly transform us into the likeness of His Son, Jesus. Virtue is formed through daily Christ like choices.  Perseverance in virtue overcomes vice. In my forty plus years of marriage, and after raising seven children into adulthood, I have found that virtue grows most in the mundane choices found in daily life. Washing the daily dishes, doing the mounds laundry, tidying up, and making the house a home has birthed character in my soul.  Changing diapers, too many to mention, and training children in the school of obedience, led me on the road towards Godly character.  I guess you could say that “diapers and dishes” were my pathway to holiness. While we are forming our children in Christ like character, our Heavenly Father is forming us into the image of His Son.  As a mother of a “quiver full,” I was given ample opportunities to choose a life of virtue by putting death to sin. I quickly learned that it is in the trials of life that we meet our Savior face to face.  Alone with Him in prayer we learn His voice. By receiving the sacraments we experience His grace. We begin to see Him in the people who reach out to us, as the hands of Christ in our life.
I love being a Catholic Christian Speaker and Writer. I enjoy writing books, giving talks, putting on retreats, mentoring mothers, and being an intercessor.  However I have come to realize that the most important role I play in this life is in my vocation as a mother and a wife. I am blessed to be given the privilege from a Holy God along with my husband to form the next generation.  What could be more important than that? In the midst of living out my vocation as a wife and mother I have found a closer walk with Jesus. I have learned to always accessorize, not only with jewelry but also with virtue.  I have learned to cover my lips not only with lipstick, but also with a kind word. Even though I love to dress in the latest vogue, I would rather be fashioned by God’s grace. On my journey of faith in the One, Holy, Apostolic Catholic Church I have learned to know God. I have grown to love God. In full time ministry I joyfully serve God. My prayer is to one day be happy with God in heaven.
What are you waiting for, Ladies? Who is in? Don’t forget to put on Christ, and to add virtue to your life. Let’s accessorize! “There she goes! There goes a Lady!”

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